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Area (hectares) 251,970
Population (2002) 58,803
Miles of road (approx) 2,445 km

Phase 1 (Set -up phase)

A Technician was employed in February 2002 to assist in the setting up of the system. The Geo Directory and Map Info was then purchased and installed by the Technician. GIS Training was provided by the LGCSB. Offaly County Council kindly allowed the Technician to visit their offices and familiarise himself with the GIS system and also with the Litter Monitoring System in general.

The Geo Directory identified the Potential Litter Generators in the County. 753 Litter Generators were identified, broken down as follows:

Class 1 290
Class 2 414
Class 3 49

This figure included known "Litter Blackspots", which were identified by the Litter Wardens and entered on the GIS system. Known Potential Litter Generators not shown on the Geo Directory were also entered. The maps showing potential litter generators were then produced.

Roscommon County Council had to carry out eight Litter Quantification Surveys and 51 Litter Pollution Surveys. A Grade IV Officer and GIS Technician carried out these surveys.

Phase 2 (Benchmark Phase)

To set the Benchmark Phase a set of Litter Quantification Surveys were carried out in April 2002. These were forwarded to the Litter Monitoring Body and used as a Benchmark.

Between May and September 2002 a subsequent set of Litter Quantification Surveys, plus the Litter Pollution Surveys were carried out. Generally the areas surveyed were identified by the GIS system but additional areas were surveyed using local knowledge. The survey days chosen were the known busiest days or market days in a particular town, and surveys were carried out in locally know amenity areas beside lakes and the River Shannon. Surveys were also carried out as long as possible after the last cleansing sweep. Photographs were taken of the survey areas and the forms supplied completed.

The carrying out of the surveys proved to be a straight forward task, but local knowledge of the County is important.

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