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Area (hectares) 199,300
Population (1996)  
of which Offaly County Council 46,541
Tullamore Town Council Population 9,221
Birr Town Council Population 12,576
Miles of road (approx) 1,000

Phase 1 (Set -up phase)

The Geo-directory was used to identify potential litter generators. It was not necessary to purchase it as it was already in the Council. The revenue collectors and litter wardens for the county took visual surveys of their areas to verify geo-directory results and to add on any new potential generators. The generators were put onto the Litter Generation Potential Maps by the GIS Section within the County Council.

Some problems were encountered with the GIS software, which delayed the implementation of the system for a couple of weeks. However the LGCSB dealt with these problems. These problems relate to computer technical problems and were rectified quite easily by the LGCSB.

The GIS technician created the litter generation potential maps. These maps identified the hotspots. For Offaly they were mainly in urban areas. It was necessary to complete eight quantification surveys, five were hotspots and the remainder, were chosen by the county council i.e. areas believed to be badly littered and that covered all types of survey area.

Phase 2 (Benchmark Phase)

The litter warden carried out the quantification surveys in their area. The GIS technician recorded results on results spreadsheet and e-mailed them to the Litter Monitoring Body. Next year it is hoped to involve students but this year they were completed in late September/early October therefore it was not possible.

Litter Pollution surveys were carried out at the same time as the quantification surveys as there was not much time remaining in 2001 and also in some cases the same area was covered by both surveys.

The Litter Generation Potential Maps were used for identifying survey areas. There were 44 surveys to be completed: 18 High Risk Area surveys, 18 Random surveys and eight Discretionary surveys. Litter wardens, GIS staff and environmental staff carried these out. Results were then entered on the database by the GIS technician and e-mailed to Litter Monitoring Body. It was considered not that expensive to implement the Litter Monitoring System apart from our own staff time and travel expenses.

A Litter Monitoring Officer, Geraldine Flattery - was appointed in October 2001 by the County Manager. The GIS staff produced litter generation potential maps for Birr and Tullamore Town Councils using the same methods as for the County Council. At present they are in the process of surveying their areas.

Ms. Una Heery, Offaly County Council, Courthouse, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.
Tel: 0506 46890

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