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Area 2,640km² (797sq.miles)
Population 75,336
of which  
Kilkenny County Council 66,829
Kilkenny Municipal Borough 8,507
Miles of road covered 2,400 (approximately)

Phase 1 (Creation of Potential Litter Generator Database)

Kilkenny County Council agreed to implement the system for both Kilkenny County Council and Kilkenny City Council because Kilkenny County Council has greater mapping resources, MapInfo software licence and personnel to run the system. Kilkenny City Council contributed to the cost of implementing the system.

The system was administrated by the Assistant Engineer from the Waste Management Section. In addition to their other duties, a Graduate Environmental Assistant and a Technician in the environment section were assigned the responsibility of identifying and mapping each Potential Litter Generator within the county, along with students on the summer job scheme. Visual surveys were carried out in each of the DEDs in the county (including Kilkenny City) over a period of three months. The staff received the standard rate of travelling for this work. Generators were marked directly onto maps. For rural area, 6 inch Ordnance and Discovery maps were used and these were covered by car. Local knowledge in some cases was obtained from the Area Engineers. The assistance of the Litter Wardens was invaluable in identifying and mapping locations of the litter blackspots/fly-tipping areas throughout the city and county. The larger towns and Kilkenny City were covered on foot and the potential litter generators marked directly onto either 1:1,000 or 1:2,500 scale maps. The potential litter generator forms were also filled out at this stage. The generators were classified according to the potential litter generator classification lists. There were found to be 695 potential litter generators in Kilkenny County Council and Kilkenny City Council areas. The initial phase of the system cost approximately £4,000.

After marking the potential litter generators directly onto the maps, they were then transferred onto the GIS database. No problems were experienced with the implementation of this phase of the system apart from a few minor difficulties with the initial operation of the GIS software. The LGCSB and TES provided assistance and once these initial problems were solved the process ran smoothly. All the potential litter generators have now been entered onto the database. The data-inputting stage involved a period of approximately four weeks and cost in the region of £1,500.

Phase 2 (Benchmark Phase)

Kilkenny County Council are now in the process of implementing Phase 2 of the litter monitoring system, i.e. carrying out the litter quantification and litter pollution surveys and at present this is 75% completed.

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