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Area (hectares)

Population 41,616
of which Carlow County Council
Urban District Councils Carlow
of which Population

Miles of road covered 1,600 (approximately)

It was agreed by the County Manager that the Administrative Officer in the Environment section would take responsibility for implementation of the system for both Carlow County Council and Carlow Urban District Council.

A technician in the Drawing Office was subsequently assigned the task of identifying potential litter generators and mapping of these in the GIS software. This task was in addition to the officer's other duties. The officer carried out visual surveys in each D.E.D. in the county (including the Urban District Council area) over a three month period. The area was covered by a combination of driving in rural areas and walking more urban areas. Approximately 1,600 miles of road were covered during the visual survey.

All generators were then mapped by hand over a six week period on hard copies of OS Sheets and detail filled in on Potential Litter Generator Identification Forms. An example of this form is reproduced as Appendix One to this newsletter. The officer was paid the normal rate of travelling whilst carrying out this work. The hard copies of the OS sheets will serve as a reference when analysing the litter generators on GIS.

The identifying of Potential Litter Generators for Carlow County Council required one person working full time for 15 days with an additional week for Carlow Urban District Council's functional area. The total cost of implementing this section of the Litter Pollution System was £5,000. Approximately 700 Potential Litter Generators were identified in Carlow County Council and Carlow Urban District Council.

In May 2000 TES Consulting Engineers carried out trial litter surveys with the two Litter Wardens - one from Carlow County Council and one from Carlow Urban District Council, when proposed methodology and requirements in relation to Litter Quantification Surveys and Litter Pollution Surveys were tested. These surveys were beneficial as it gave the Wardens the opportunity to contribute towards the designing of the finished methodology. It also gave the Wardens time to clarify all questions and express concerns/reservations which they had in relation to the surveys. These concerns related mainly to the time required to carryout the surveys in addition to their normal workload.

Due to changes in technical personnel, it was necessary to assign another technician in the Environment section to carry out the GIS mapping in September, 2000. Initially there were problems with the Litter GIS software supplied by the LGCSB. However in January 2001, personnel from the Board visited the Council and carried out the necessary amendments.

Work commenced on entering the Potential Litter Generators to the litter GIS Database in mid-January 2001. This involved one person working for four weeks and cost approximately £1,500. All Potential Litter Generators have now been entered and Carlow County Council are ready for the second phase of the Litter Monitoring System.

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